testi-christina--thumbI recently was given the opportunity to work with Tammy and Andrew during my contest prep for an upcoming show of mine at the end of last year. From my first posing lesson to my last, they were completely professional and such great…

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…coaches with the ability to correct my poses in a manner that made me not only look better but feel confident and bring that swagger to the stage that I needed. They really are perfectionists and paid so much attention to even the smallest details to make sure I would be presenting the best package possible at my show. Tammy and Andrew work extremely well with one another, bouncing ideas off each other and bringing different perspectives to the table. Their hands on experience and immense knowledge of fitness, dieting and competing enabled me to learn so much from them – they care so much about their clients and really do know their stuff! They are some of the very few who I value the opinion of and look to for advice and direction throughout the course of my fitness goals. I ended up placing first in my bikini class at that show and definitely couldn’t of done it without them. Thanks so much you two!”

~ Christina H.
fitGODDESS ELITE client (Florida)

“A 6 month journey. Andrew and Tammy guided me to a physique I never thought possible (220lbs to 169lbs). In that 6 months they guided me through a diet and cardio that was adjusted to my body as needed (no one fits all routine). They took…

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testi-johnnie …the time to answer my all my questions, and responded quickly. They kept me motivated to keep pushing when I couldn’t see the end. They made my first bodybuilding show prep a ease! It was a great experience and I am excited to work with them for my next show. I would recommend them to anyone that has fitness goals on any level!”

~ Johnnie B.
fitSPARTAN ELITE client (Florida)

testi-brittany-thumb“Before I officially met Tammy and Andrew I would always admire their tough workouts at the gym. They graciously took me on as a client and prepped me for my first fitness competition. The training, nutrition, and stage presence were…

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testi-brittany…all specifically designed for me. It was far from a cookie cutter plan. Tammy and Andrew show tough love sometimes, but always get the results you are seeking. I placed first in my height class and second in Novice in my very first competition. I owe so much to them for not only changing my body, but changing my mind set about my body.”

~ Brittany B.
fitGODDESS ELITE client (Florida)

testi-ashlee-thumb“I just want to thank Tammy and Andrew for helping me so much with my competition preparation. They coached me on posing throughout my training process, and were so detail oriented. Somehow, they added my personality in with proper…

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testi-ashlee…professional posing; the outcome was a stage presence like no other. I am truly thankful for their help and support during training and competition.”

~ Ashlee C.
fitGODDESS ELITE client (Florida)

“I chose fitCHALLENGE because I wanted to be healthy, no… that’s not really true…not at first at least…  Let me start out by telling you a little about myself. I am 47 years old, I own my own business, married with two little kids.  I lead a hectic lifestyle…

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testi-johnH…constantly on the go, working hard, playing harder. Here are some of my “before” stats, I weighed 230 lbs and had a waist size of 36. I was growing out of clothes and had to buy xl and xxl to cover my gut. Unfortunately, I also had chicken legs to go with the gut. I was tired, depressed and my sex drive wasn’t quite what it used to be.

I was talking to Andrew about working out and my issues and he suggested I try this program. I laughed. He said I want to show you something, and then sent me pictures of not only some of his clients but of himself. Here were the undisputable results of success, toned muscle, six pack abs and they looked great. I wanted that. I wanted it yesterday.

Andrew emailed me the plan, the workout, the diet and some of the conditions I would need to meet if he was going to train me. I would have sold my soul by this point, so I enthusiastically agreed.

The meal plan cannot be characterized as a “diet” since when you think of diet, you think starvation and baby carrots. I literally could not eat all the food for several days, and when I did, something amazing happened. I began to lose weight, mostly fat. I was never hungry!! Every couple hours I ate a balance of healthy protein and carbs. It became a Lifestyle. I experimented with spices and put some effort (mostly my wife) into meal preparation and it became second nature. Andrew would give me different plans as the weeks went by, as my body adapted to a muscle building, fat burning fuel system and I felt great! Tons of energy, my skin wasn’t puffy and my stomach wasn’t bloated.testi-johnH2The workouts were tailored for my age and level of fitness, I logged the information so that adjustments could be made. I would discuss issues with Andrew and he would mix it up so that I was constantly being challenged but not to the point of discouragement.

Remember the “conditions” I mentioned earlier. That was the main reason this worked for me, ACCOUNTABILITY! I had to report weekly on diet and workouts, simple entry’s that took two minutes, but the biggest challenge was the weekly photos. Let me tell you this much, you can “fake” the data, you can fudge the info on your workout and efforts but pictures don’t lie!! I remember one week getting out of bed at 11:00pm in a nervous sweat and my wife asked me “Where are you going?!” I told her tomorrow was photo day and I knew I had slacked. I went into the basement and did an hour on the arc trainer and a 30 minute lifting circuit because there was no way I could fake the picture the next day. The best part is that after a few weeks you could see the transformation, the muscles were tighter and more defined, the fat began to melt away. It encouraged me to see the results and soon became a matter of pride and not shame to send in my photos.

I am a successful man as measured by most things, a wonderful wife, healthy children, success in my career and great friends. I want to be around to see them grow up and to enjoy my success. So yeah even though I began this project with the idea of getting that “cover of Men’s Health” body for my ego, I ended up stronger, healthier and had tons of energy..and yes.. the libido came back as well.

My final stats weight 197, waist 32, and of course a modest 4 pack!

I would recommend fitCHALLENGE to anybody who has struggled to do this on their own or who lacks a sports nutrition background. If they can train professional fitness and bodybuilders, and 47 year old dads, they can help anyone!”

~ John H.
fitCHALLENGE client (Michigan)

I worked out some before meeting Tammy and Andrew but I didn’t have very much variation in my routine. After meeting them 6 years ago I have been able to gain so much more muscle and feel like I really know what I’m doing when I walk in the gym….

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testi-christinaGThey are excellent trainers and are very knowledgeable about fitness. Their wonderful personalities and love for fitness make working out fun. They are very encouraging and I have always felt comfortable around them, weather it be working out or practicing posing for a competition. Most recently I had put on some weight from not working out or eating right. Tammy and Andrew made a personalized workout and diet for me and over a 12 week period I was able to go from looking like I had never worked out in my life to looking like I was ready to compete again. They were able to meet with me weekly and look at my progress and adjust my workout or diet if they thought I needed it. It was not an easy transition and I would often get discouraged but they were there to ensure me that I was doing great and pushed me to work harder. Tammy and Andrew are exceptional trainers and I would recommend them to anyone looking not only compete but to lose any unwanted weight and gain muscle.

~ Christina G.
fitGODDESS ELITE client (Florida)

“Andrew and Tammy are by far the most exceptional fitness trainers! They gave me the confidence, knowledge, & training I needed in order to fulfill my goal of entering a bikini fitness show.  Not only did I achieve my goal but I also….

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testi-staceyqualified for Nationals. They were there for me every step of the way, pushing me when I thought I couldn’t go anymore & praising me for each level of progress achieved. Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming things you once thought you couldn’t do. I am humbled to call Andrew & Tammy my coaches and my friends. The friendship and guidance from coaches that have the same struggles and can relate are priceless.

~ Stacey H.
fitGODDESS ELITE client (Florida)