About Us

If you have been looking for the PERFECT diet and training program, then stop your search right here! fitEMPIRE is designed to specifically meet your lifestyle goals! We are thrilled with every challenge to bring your health and fitness to the next level. Our expertise and dedication has given us the opportunity to deliver an unparalleled experience unique to each of our clients. fitEMPIRE is one of the most sought after fitness companies on the market because we never let clients down! Check out our training divisions and find the one right for you!

 Our mission is to help provide Inspiration, Accountability, and Motivation (I AM).


CEO ~ Founder

NPC Judge

NPC local, NPC National, and IFBB Trainer


Posing Coach

16 Years of Experience

B.S., Biology


COO ~ Founder

NPC Judge

IFBB Professional

NPC local, NPC National, and IFBB trainer


Posing Coach

14 Years of Experience

B.S., Business Management